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Sims 3 Alchemy. Please note that some potions require World Adventures, Late Night. If you have an alchemist sim but have run out of interesting and useful potions to make, good news!

Alpha_Minion — Sims 4 | Fullmetal Alchemist Mini Pack #1
Alpha_Minion — Sims 4 | Fullmetal Alchemist Mini Pack #1 (Randy Dean)
In Supernatural Sims can craft potions called elixirs in alchemy stations. This includes Legacy and many other type challenges. Mod The Sims member Sims MX has created an amazing new mod that adds brand new alchemy potions to the game.

It is the only town that comes included with the game.

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I tried the alchemy station and they flip pages for a few seconds and they never gain a skill point. I didn't play for very long though. You do not have to be a witch.